Rochdale & Class Info

Originally we started our lessons in the Failsworth library in 2015. Firstly we offered drama classes, with pop dance starting in October 2015. Then, we started our life moving around various venues throughout Manchester.

Equipment & Facilities

The base and headquarters of the Scott Cooper Academy. Our studio is fully decked out with Le Mark dance floor, ballet barres and mirrors. Also, we have stage lighting, PA system with wireless microphones and heating.

Additionally, we have our gymnastics equipment, air track, beam, barre, roller and mats all based in our Rochdale venue.


Scott Cooper Academy,
3B Moss Mill Industrial Estate,
Woodbine Street East,
OL16 5LB

Classes We Provide

Ballet – Recommended for children age 3+ we use the UTD syllabus of dance and children are given the foundations of dance through ballet technique. Children are proud to wear their pink ballet outfits to class!
Pop Dance – Recommended for children age 4+ our dance for fun to pop music is very popular to our younger children, no pressure, just dance and sing along to their favourite songs whilst making new friends and becoming confident!
Street Dance – Recommended for children aged 9+ this is the step up from our pop dance classes and is a little more serious. Although, it still has all the fun our of pop class. Children in this class may be entered into competitions and shows.
Contemporary Dance – Recommended for children aged 9+ a little more serious again, we teach children using the foundations of dance to express themselves in their routines and on stage with contemporary dance.
Drama – We have a range of classes in drama, usually from age 4+ or 8+ depending on how old your child is. Usually, in our older classes we work on MTI musicals, our most recent performance was the Jungle Book in February 2020.
Gymnastics – Children need to be of school age to attend our regular gymnastics classes. We use the British Gymnastics proficiency awards and children get to use our gymnastics equipment in every class.
Private lessons – Additionally, we offer private lessons in brass instrumental tuition, singing and drama. We use the LCM syllabus and examination board.
HomeEd – Our HomeEd lessons run during the day for those children educated out of school. We have physical education and gymnastics classes.
LilBeatz – Our toddler classes for ages 1-6 to the freshest Beatz! Come along and meet our characters including Busta Beatz the runaway bunny!

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