Terms & Conditions

Scott Cooper Academy of Drama & Dance

Terms & Conditions
By registering your child with SCA you are giving acceptance of the following terms and conditions.


  1. Classes are paid for on a monthly basis. Upon registration you may be offered to pay for one class to make sure your child likes the session, where-after you will be invoiced for the remaining classes in the month, which is likely to be less than the price quoted. Failure to pay for the sessions after one week it will be assumed your child will not be continuing and the place will be offered to someone else.
  2. Parents register online, however you will still be required to fill in a paper registration of contact information and photography permission.
  3. If your child wants to join a session that is full they may be put on a waiting list.
  4. If your child decides to leave SCA, you must let the director know by email, failure to do so you will have to pay any remaining fees, including production fees if a production or dance has been cast for a show.
  5. Children wanting to join drama may be given a part in the chorus or a junior group before being given a speaking part to see their suitability.
  6. Parents are not allowed to sit in sessions unless this has been pre-arranged with the class teacher.
  7. If a child is under 5 there may be a requirement for the parent to stay and help with their needs. Parents are welcome to stay for the first session to see how their child settles, however to stop them running backwards and forwards to you we recommend you stay out of sight from your child.
  8. Children with special educational needs are welcome, however parents should speak to the class teacher so they know how best to meet the needs of the child.
  9. Parents are requested to speak politely to the director, teachers and volunteers, any rude or foul language is not tolerated and your child may be dismissed from the company with no refund of classes paid for.
  10. A performing arts group is about commitment. Children must be dedicated to get the most out of the sessions. Missing two sessions in a half-term, your child might be given a warning and asked to leave, particularly if they are rehearsing for a production.
  11. If you know your child is going to be absent please give the teacher as much warning as possible (2 hours before the venue sessions start). The session will have been planned for the day and may require changing if certain children are absent.
  12. Any extra sessions that have been put on may require a sessional payment fee. Any child that does not turn up, the payment fee will still need to be paid.


  1. The director is Mr Scott Cooper BAEd (Hons) MA PGCE, a fully qualified secondary music teacher. He also has relevant first aid and safeguarding training through his work with children, young people in schools. He has a full enhanced DBS check.
  2. Volunteers and other teachers who work for SCA are given guidance on working with children and safe working practices.
  3. SCA has public and employee liability insurance.
  4. SCA has a child protection and safeguarding policy.
  5. SCA has a privacy policy.
  6. SCA offers equal opportunities for its parents, children and contractors.
  7. On occasions a different venue may be used, such as for rehearsing for a show. It may be necessary to charge an extra fee for this session to cover the venue hire.
  8. In the absence of the director another teacher may be used for the session. It is up to the director which teacher is used and no refunds will be given for a session where it is taught by someone else on the director’s behalf.
  9. SCA is not responsible for children’s personal belongings. Children should not bring expensive items to the session such as mobile phones.
  10. It may be necessary to move a child or hold them in a certain way to demonstrate movement.
  11. Usual contact hours are 9am-8pm (during school hours you might not get a reply straight away). If you contact outside of these hours you might not get a reply straight. Messages go to the director, chairman or secretary, other staff of SCA should not be contacted.
  12. Please contact us via the facebook page, email failsworthperformingarts@yahoo.co.uk or by phone 07411345580

Payment and Invoices

  1. We currently use an invoice and email system with www.membermeister.com
  2. When you enrol we take your bank details and set you up on GoCardless for automatic payments.
  3. We no longer accept cash payments for monthly invoices, there is a £4 admin fee for cash payments.
  4. Invoices are usually sent out on the 12th of each month and process on 15th. To un-enrol we must be informed by 13th of the month, otherwise the invoice is still payable. Invoices process automatically within 2 working days of being sent. Late payments are subject to a £5 late fee.
  5. On occasions other invoices are sent for t-shirts etc, these invoices process 2 days before the due date of the invoice.
  6. Parents who cancel the direct debit mandate without un-enrolment will be charged the £5 late fee as well as the invoice. If your child has left you will still be required to pay the invoice if we haven’t been told by 13th of the month, or by the due date on the invoice. We will re-try your payment using the bank details you provided at registration. If it is cancelled again we will contact you with regards how the payment is being made.
  7. If you refuse to pay an invoice, you will receive a letter from us sent by 1st class post. You will have to pay for the postage and the late fee if the invoice hasn’t been paid on time. If we still don’t receive payment for your invoice after 1 week it will be passed onto Thomas Higgins Solicitors, who will reclaim the debt from you on our behalf. Please note there are additional fees added to your invoice if we pass this debt onto Thomas Higgins Solicitors.
  8. Receipts for payments are sent automatically from www.membermeister.com. If you would like an invoice receipt please let the director know.
  9. On occasions deposits for new terms or products may be requested and will be sent through www.membermesiter.com
  10. Broken goods will require payment and will be sent via invoice.
  11. SCA does not give refunds, however cancelled classes happen occasionally. Due to the complexity of the invoices, any cancelled classes will be taken from the next terms invoice. If a cancelled class is outside of SCAs control such as snow, or the venue cancelling the session, the payment will be taken to cover the running costs of that session as more often than not, there will still be club bills to pay for (insurance, staff training etc.)
  12. We have awards for children in the form of point badges, these are awarded after children have attended so many sessions. If badges are lost they can be replaced for £1. Star of the week bears are occasionally sent home with children, if the bear is not returned there is a £5 late fee, if it needs replacing the fee is £25.
    Production Fee
  13. All members who have been cast in a production will be sent a production fee. This is necessary to fund the show and pay for scripts, extra rehearsals etc. Please note failing to pay the production fee the part will be given to someone else.
  14. In dance we may issue a show fee for the same reason.
  15. If you have not informed us of your child leaving by the due date on the invoice it is still payable.
  16. The fees are currently £15 for drama (aged 8+), £10 for drama (aged under 8), £10 for a dance show.
  17. The production fee might not cover all costs for the production such as costumes etc.


  1. Drama and pop music dance:
    a. SCA White T-shirt (£8)
    b. Black leggings, joggers or shorts (skirts are not recommended)
    c. Bare feet
  2. Contemporary dance:
    a. SCA black crop top or leotard
    b. Black shorts or leggings
    c. Bare feet
  3. Ballet:
    a. SCA black crop top or leotard
    b. Black shorts
    c. Bare feet
    d. Ballet pumps after the teacher has given permission
  4. Upon enrolment you will be sent an invoice for the uniform after 3 weeks. You can purchase items direct from www.rockthedragon.co.uk/failsworth-performing-arts/
  5. Parents are informed of non-uniform days when uniform is not required.
  6. Children are required to do sessions in bare feet for their safety. Verruca’s do not pass on in dry conditions, however children should cover them with a plaster. The teacher will issue a plaster if necessary. They should not be wearing socks or shoes.
  7. Children are required to bring their script for drama, a bottle of water, a snack if they are staying for multiple sessions.

Photographs and Social Media

  1. On registration you give permission for the use of photography to promote our work.
  2. We currently have the following social media accounts where photographs are shared. Please note children are never named on public groups.
    a. www.facebook.com/failsworthperformingarts
    b. www.twitter.com/failsworth_pa
    c. www.instagram.com/failsworthperformingarts
    d. www.youtube.com/channel/UCeB_sayn-csUze-sc6lbQQA
  3. Issues on social media should be reported to the director.
  4. Photography backstage at shows/productions is strictly prohibited by parents. A photography booth is the assigned point for photographs at shows.
  5. Parents are welcome to take photos at shows unless the director has said otherwise.
  6. By signing our T&Cs/photograph usage, you are giving permission for the club to use photographs for their publicity material and social media. After your child leaves the photos remain the property of SCA and may still be used. Past posts cannot be deleted.

Club Rules and Behaviour

  1. Club Rules
  2. We will behave sensibly and listen to the director.
  3. We will not run around the hall.
  4. We will not bully or intimidate other children.
  5. Bullying or bad language will not be tolerated and you may be asked to leave the club.
  6. If we wish to speak we will raise our hand and wait for the director to answer us.
  7. Failsworth Performing Arts club is a selective activity, as well as a commitment. Failure to attend several rehearsals will result in you losing your part. If a child requires to miss a rehearsal please email the director on: failsworthperformingarts@yahoo.co.uk
  8. Participate in bare feet is for your own safety, wearing shoes or socks is not allowed unless studying ballet.
  9. Wear SCA uniform. (Dependant on the activity)
  10. Make sure your parents have paid the invoice on time. Failure to pay in time may result in your part being given to someone else.
  12. Failing to follow the clubs behaviour policy by a child will result in suspension. Two suspensions in a year a child will be asked to leave.
  13. We have a rewards policy where children are awarded points badges by attending club sessions. The club has the right to suspend this rewards system or deduct points.
  14. If a child is not collected within 15 minutes of the session finishing, the director will make every effort to contact the legal guardians. If after 30 minutes a child has not been collected, and there has been no contact at the home address, the authorities may have to be informed.
  15. Lost property is not the responsibility of SCA. Any lost property will be stored for two weeks before it is destroyed.
  16. Children with phones are for the discretion of parents, however should not be used during teaching time. Photos of children should not be on any phone or device other than the iPad/camera owned by SCA. The director may confiscate phones from a child who is causing disruption.

Revised 8th January 2018
Scott Cooper (Director)